our FARM

High Goose Farm sits at 1900’ elevation in Goose City — a hilly enclave of East Dover, Vermont, where the air is clean and springs flow from every hillside. Patches of wild blueberry, winterberry, blackberry and thimbleberry feed the deer, bear, moose, grouse and turkey. On our south-facing slope, we grow blackcurrants, gooseberries and blueberries organically. Abraham and Leo (the farm poodles) patrol the fields to keep our cultivated berries safe and the farmers company!

The Farmers
Mary Ellen and Ed Henry planted the first berry fields in 2013 in hopes of bringing the tasty wonders of blackcurrant to the local market. Mary Ellen has a lifelong passion (and knack) for growing delicious and beautiful things ever since she first worked on a flower farm on Nantucket many moons ago.

Locally Sourced
All of our edibles use the finest local ingredients and we keep the ingredient list short in order to focus on the flavorful berries. Our syrups and jams are sweetened exclusively with Vermont maple syrup and our berry-infused vinegars are made with local organic apple cider vinegar. Our salad dressing uses avocado oil to allow the berry flavor to take center stage.